Pressure sensor MPX4115 interfacing with 8051

MPX4115 a motorola pressure sensor is powered by 5V and delivers output voltage ranging from 0.25V to 4.75V corresponding to pressure 15Kpa to to 115Kpa resprctively.sensor detects pressure produces corresponding voltage which later converted into 8-bit binary number by ADC0804  and passes an accordingly scaled voltage to microcont

Temperature sensor(lm35) interfacing with 8051

The project is built to demonstrate working of LM35 temperature sensor interfaced with 8051 through ADC0804. The LM35 series are precision integrated-circuit temperature sensor produced output voltage (o.o1v per 1° of voltage change) is linearly proportional to the temperature.

Introduction to Embedded System

Embedded system is a combination of software and hardware designed for specific task. Any device that can include a computer but itself not a general purpose computer can be categorized as embedded system.

Timer 8051

The Timers in 8051 microcontroller:

water level indicator

this article  illustrates the working of water level indicator.water tank that is usually placed at the top of multistory building are difficult to monitor manually,the user can configure the water level according to need thus avoid unnecessary spillage of water. as we know water conducts electricity,this principle can be used to construct the circuit.

seven segment fixed display using 8051

seven segment is most common output device with a limitation that only digits and few characters can be displayed ex- you can not display 'k'.  in seven segment array of LEDs are arranged in a special pattern. as shown in figure 7 leds a-h is assigned for special digit/character while eighth LED 'h' is used to display the dot.particular LED glows when its corresponding pin goes high

Sending MSG through GSM module

this project present a way to transmit textual data by use of GSM module and a brief introduction about AT commands. As a GSM module works on AT commands for communication our controller is programmed to send all these commands according to our reliability. you can also check these commands through hyper-terminal on your pc before designing your code and we also recommend you to check these AT commands on your pc.

RFID interfacing with 8051

this article covers rfid interfacing with at89c51 working at 12Mhz frequency.an rfid module is used for communication, is consisted of a reader and transponder . a transponder or tag communicate with reader through radio waves by receiving and transmitting signal. each tag has unique serial number  which is identified by reader.

Reverse parking alarm

As we all aware that sound is a function of frequency using this concept we can generate tune of different frequency. this property can be used as application purpose for producing specific sound while reversing your car.this is advanced model of RC-CAR we have designed earlier.it is assumed you know how to interfare LCD and DC-motor with MCU

Relay connection with 8051

this tutorial will give you small illustration of relay working with 8051.there are many situation where embedded system has to control large voltage or large current. in such case circuitry of embedded system which is operated at low voltage or low current can not drive. a relay is a elctro-mechanical device  which is used to isolate two circuits electrically and connect them magnetically.it is assumed you know to interface LCD

lcd interfacing with 8051

this article make you learn how to interface LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) with 8051 micro-controller. LCD has wide advantages in real world application. it is an important output device to keep track all automated and semi-automated devices. in all LCDs we are using 16*2 which is very common module generally used by a novice .


keypad based door lock system

keypad based lock is a digital locking system allow user to enter user id by making use of keypad.

GSM and keypad based home security system

Your home needs maximum security against thievery and burglary and other kinds of crimes that might cause threat to your loved ones and properties inside it. this project is an example of simple electronic door lock system based on 8051(AT89s51) controller interfaced with keypad and GSM module. DC motors connected with controller are treated as door.

Digital clock

clock so we have made display time on LCD



The project is designed to give an idea about how metro works and the technology used behind the driver less metro. Trains are equipped with the programmed controller which control the train accordingly. The train is programmed for the specific path,  stoppage timing of the train and distance between the two stations is predefined.


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