Tongue For Dumb (hand gesture based communication interpreter system)

Idea behind the development of this module is to speak for the voiceless people in order to fulfill their basic needs thereby to make them self reliable and independent. It aims to facilitate vocally disabled people by means of a hand gesture based communication interpreter system.  A system that can efficiently translate gestures made by  hand to both text and auditory voice. 


Cellphone operated home appliances

Relays are devices which allow low power circuits to switch a relatively high Current/Voltage just like a coupler.

AVR timer as PWM

Moving stepper motor through one rotation(AVR)

seven segment fixed display using AVR

Seven segment Displays are very common when it comes to display digits, these are widely used in clocks, stop watches and event counter etc. A Simple seven segment display.A seven segment display is an electronic display device that can display digits from 0-9.Every LED is assigned a name from 'a' to 'h' and is identified by its name.

RFID based home security system

This project RFID based Home/Office security system is developed to build a security system for a home/office to prevent the other persons to enter into the important room/chamber by controlling radio frequency identification by checking a suitable RFID card The RFID tag gives the unique id whenever it reads the card information.

LCD interfacing with AVR

this article illustrate  the text display on 16*2 using atmega32. but before proceeding further we need to make tight hand on LCDDisplaying string is used in many real life applications. it is an important output device for all automated and semi-automated devices.

keypad interfacing with Atmega32

keypad is one of most important input device in embedded world provide user to make controller perform desired operation.this tutorial gives you simple illustration of keypad interfacing with atmega32 set to operate at 1MHZ frequency.


Interrupts are basically events that require immediate attention by the microcontroller.

Digital Clock using Atmega32

digital clock is a type of 

Digital Room thermometer

This article is about a simple ranges -55 to 150°C digital thermometer with 1°C resolution using ATMEGA32.The circuit is based on LM35 analog temperature sensor, 

converging led

this tutorial will show you small demonstration about bit-wise manipulation.we are working on atmega32 operated  at 1MHZ frequency. 8 parallel leds are connected to PORTB of controller.

Proteus design


computer control password protected door lock

This tutorial covers on how to make a secured door lock until  the right password is typed in via computer. suppose you are sitting in a room far away from doors    I know sometimes you might get fed up responding all time people who are knocking at your doors.

AVR- Serial Communication


Modes of Data Transfer:

(i) Synchronous

(ii) Asynchronous 

SYNCHRONOUS TRANSMISSION- In this type the actual data is transferred BIT by BIT on the DATA line. The clock line signals the end of 1 bit and the start of another bit. When the clock line changes its level, that is when it goes HIGH from a LOW level or vice versa the data is transferred.

ADC(analog to digital converter)

ADC or Analog to Digital Converter is device which changes analog signals i.e 0 & 1 into digital signals. The ADC is used to convert an analog voltage (a voltage that vary continuously within a known range) to a 10-bit digital value. For instance, it can be used to log the output of a sensor (temperature, pressure, etc) at regular intervals, or to take some action in function of the measured variable value.



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