Hexa Legged Robot

This project studies the motion of a compact and highly mobile six-legged all terrain robot that rolls on wheels when possible, but can use the wheels as feet to walk when necessary. While gaited walking may suffice for most situations, rough and steep terrain requires novel sequences of footsteps and postural adjustments that are specifically adapted to local geometric and physical properties.


Pneumatic Crane

A crane is a mechanism which is commonly used to elevate goods or materials, and is therefore referred to as a lifting mechanism usually equipped with chains or wire ropes, a winder (also called a wire rope drum), and sheaves. A crane is used to carry materials both vertically and horizontally. One or more simple machines are utilized by the crane for creating mechanical advantage and thus, loads which are over the individual capacity or capability will be moved without any problem.

SEPIC LED controlled using UC3842 IC


Wireless Mobile Battery Charging

With the advancements in the mobile phones with many services such as internet and various apps, the usage of mobile phones have increased a lot with increased internet usage with often leads to drain of battery power. we have to carry mobile charger and search for power socket. imagine if u carry a charger which does not require any power socket. 

Battery Level Indicator


Battery level indicator  based on lm3914 IC (Integrated chip) indicates the status of the battery by glowing LED’s. For example six LED’s are glowing means battery capacity 60% remains. It can be used to check car battery or inverter. The IC LM3914 takes input analog voltage and drives 10 LED’s linearly according to the increasing/decreasing input analog voltage.



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