iRam Technologies has come up with an IPv6-enabled electrical switch which can be easily retrofitted for home automation. A switch that connects to your home Wi-Fi outer and allows you to control your home lighting.Advances in technology have given a boost to the home automation which allows up to 30 per cent of savings on energy but in a developing country like india where the installation and maintenance cost of an intelligent system makes it a luxury item rather than a need. An initiative taken by iRam Technologies calls for a solution that is affordable and at the same time easy to use without any technological complexity.iRam Technologies has come up with an IPv6-based electrical switch solution for Indian homes. It is an advanced electrical switch that can easily fit into any Indian electrical box (standard) or faceplate without rewiring. Reduced installation and maintenance cost makes the solution affordable, and at the same time providing comfort and fun with energy conservation. “The solution costs just 10 per cent of what the incumbent home automation solution providers are charging, but provides 90 per cent more features than their solutions,” says Syam Madanapalli, CEO and co-founder, iRam Technologies. Madanapalli further explains, “Our target is to develop an affordable home automation system for average Indian homes. The system will comprise a bunch of switches, sensors and other devices connected to a cloud management system through a router/gateway and controlled by apps running on handheld devices such as tablets and mobile phones.”  The switch connects to your home Wi-Fi router and allows you to control your lights or appliances from an application installed in your smartphone or tablet.      The flexible and globally suitable design can be used for building a complete home automation system. The unique switch architecture is a generic platform which allows sensing and actuating with real-time communication capability over IP networks. Various sensors (LPG, fire, temperature, humidity and smoke) and door locks can be connected over serial ports providing security and safety.The switch uses open standards that can fit into an all-IP Internet architecture for cloud connectivity. It uses IP (IPv6) at layer 3 and at layer 2 it uses either IEEE 802.15.4 with 6LoWPAN or Wi-Fi. While Wi-Fi-based solution is positioned for home and office markets where Wi-Fi is ubiquitous, 6LoWPAN is positioned for campus, street lighting and industrial applications where a large area needs to be covered.



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