Stepper Motor Speed Control via Keypad

in this project you are gonna learn to control both speed and direction of unipolar stepper motor.


keypad module is widely used input device is used to take input from user process to get desired output according to human need. in this article we will learn to interface widely used 4x4 matrix keypad because of it's simple architecture and ease of interaction with MCU.

keypad interfacing with Atmega32

keypad is one of most important input device in embedded world provide user to make controller perform desired operation.this tutorial gives you simple illustration of keypad interfacing with atmega32 set to operate at 1MHZ frequency.

keypad based seven segment display

the article is build around seven segment and keypad. the circuit takes input from keypad and display variable number on the screen.

keypad based door lock system

keypad based lock is a digital locking system allow user to enter user id by making use of keypad.

GSM and keypad based home security system

Your home needs maximum security against thievery and burglary and other kinds of crimes that might cause threat to your loved ones and properties inside it. this project is an example of simple electronic door lock system based on 8051(AT89s51) controller interfaced with keypad and GSM module. DC motors connected with controller are treated as door.

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