keypad module is widely used input device is used to take input from user process to get desired output according to human need. in this article we will learn to interface widely used 4x4 matrix keypad because of it's simple architecture and ease of interaction with MCU.



We make the columns i/p and move along the row making them o/p to search for whether a key is pressed or not.This process of reading key is called scanning. For scanning a keyboard completely we make row zero one by one and checking all column corresponding to that zero row. for example if you may press switch 2, it will take the corresponding column i.e. column 2 to a low state which tell us that a key is pressed in that row. 

some projects based on keypad

-> keypad based seven segment display

->GSM and keypad based home security system





try ur hands on keypad project. a great guide for keypad projects

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