The project is designed to give an idea about how metro works and the technology used behind the driver less metro. Trains are equipped with the programmed controller which control the train accordingly. The train is programmed for the specific path,  stoppage timing of the train and distance between the two stations is predefined.

In this project we are using a micro-controller 8051 as controller. The motion of the train shown is controlled by DC Motor. For displaying message in the train we are using Intelligent LCD Display of two lines. The train is designed for three stations, named as Rajiv Chowk, Moti nagar, Ramkrishna ashram. The Stoppage time is of 3 Sec and time between two consecutive stations is 6 sec. There is a LCD display for showing various messages in the train for passengers. 

It also includes an emergency brake system due to which the train stops as soon as the brakes are applied and resumes journey when the emergency situation is over.  A hypothetical emergency incident scenario has been developed for demonstrating the applicability of integrated simulation. The situation can be of a person or object coming in front of the metro train. There will be a sensor (IR SENSOR) equipped in front of the metro, an object is sensed by a sensor and it gives command to the controller for the emergency brake.

The project consist of four basic parts:

Power supply

8051 IC3 

Display unit 

DC motor



You can make the connections to 8051 as shown: 

  • Here LCD display is connected with the P1 port of the MC. The contrast of the LCD is controlled by 10K variable resistor.
  • Resistor R1 to R8 are pull up resistors connected to the P0 port of MC. 
  • L293D which is the motor driver is driving 3 motors - 2 motors for metro wheels and 1 motor for door operation. The door operation can be viewed by connecting a CD drive of the home PC instead of the motor. It works exactly like the door of the metro.
  • L293D is connected to the port P2 of MC.
  • IR sensor connected to P1.0 is used for object detection operation. Whenever an object is detected by the IR sensor, motor stops and and so does the train and LCD displays "object detected". When the object is removed the motor starts again making train to move.
  • The second IR sensor connected to P1.1 is used for door operation. The IR sensor is placed in the door for opening and closing purpose. 

 You can go through the video to have a better understanding of this project:





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