Cellphone operated home appliances

Relays are devices which allow low power circuits to switch a relatively high Current/Voltage just like a coupler.

Coordinate rotation

A programmed tool motion creates a pattern, contour or a pocket that can be rotated about a defined point by specified angle. With this control feature, there are many opportunities to make the programming process much more flexible and equally efficient. This very powerful programming feature, usually a special control option, is called the Coordinate System Rotation, or just Coordinate Rotation. 

Escalators working principle

Solar Boost Converter

A simple solar boost converter and voltage limiter circuit that charges a 12V battery from a 6V solar panel with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) capability.


Cnc Plasma Cutting


Plasma cutting is used to cut steel and other metals of different thicknesses using a plasma torch.

Machine Zero Return

The ability of a control system to return a cutting tool from any position to the machine reference position is a critical feature of all modern CNC systems. Programmers and operators understand the term machine reference position as synonymous with the home position or machine zero position. This is the position of all machine slides at one of the extreme travel limits of each axis.

Laser cutting


Automatic Car Parking System

Now days in many multiplex systems there is a severe problem for car parking systems,So the need is to develop a system which indicates vacant space for parking prior entering.So the project objective is to develop a system to indicate the vacant space as well as eliminate the additional labor cost by automatically control the gate opening and closing.Conventionally, car parking systems does not have any intelligent monitoring systemThis project involves a system including infrared se

Device that Teleport Smooches


Turn Your Smartphone Into a Cosmic-Ray Detector

Want to study high-energy particles streaming through the cosmos at nearly the speed of light? There's an app for that.

Control System

CNC lathe

A conventional engine lathe or a turret lathe is a common machine in just about every machine shop. A lathe is used for machining cylindrical or conical work, such as shafts, rings, wheels, bores, threads, etc. The most common lathe operation is removal of material from a round stock, using a turning tool for external cutting. A lathe can also be used for internal operations such as boring, as well as for grooving, threading, etc., if a proper cutting tool is used.

CNC Milling

All machine tools from a simple knee type milling machine up to a five axis profiler can be included in this category. They vary in size, features, suitability for certain work, etc., but they do all have one common denominator - their primary axes are the X and Y axes - and for this reason, they are called the XY machines.

Wireless Mobile Battery Charging

With the advancements in the mobile phones with many services such as internet and various apps, the usage of mobile phones have increased a lot with increased internet usage with often leads to drain of battery power. we have to carry mobile charger and search for power socket. imagine if u carry a charger which does not require any power socket. 

Battery Level Indicator


Battery level indicator  based on lm3914 IC (Integrated chip) indicates the status of the battery by glowing LED’s. For example six LED’s are glowing means battery capacity 60% remains. It can be used to check car battery or inverter. The IC LM3914 takes input analog voltage and drives 10 LED’s linearly according to the increasing/decreasing input analog voltage.



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