Spindle control

Both types of CNC machines, machining centers and lathes, use spindle rotation when removing excessive mate-rial from a part. The rotation may be that of the cutting tool (milling) or the part itself (lathes). In both cases, the activi-ties of the machine spindle and the working feedrate of the cutting tool need to be strictly controlled by the program. These CNC machines require instructions that relate to the selection of a suitable speed of the machine spindle and a cutting feedrate for a given job.

keypad based door lock system

keypad based lock is a digital locking system allow user to enter user id by making use of keypad.

Counter Visitor

the system counts entering and exit of visitor of an auditorium or some other places.the system identifies the entry and exit of visitor with help of IR sensor placed at entry and exit of visitor and delivered the result to LCD.if the people enter it is sensed b


iRam Technologies has come up with an IPv6-enabled electrical switch which can be easily retrofitted for home automation. A switch that connects to your home Wi-Fi outer and allows you to control your home lighting.Advances in technology have given a boost to the home automation which allows up to 30 per cent of savings on energy but in a developing country like india where the installation and maintenance cost of an intelligent system makes it a luxury item rather than a need.

Bluetooth operated dot matrix display

the project has been submitted and demonstrated by one of our enthusiastic user Sunil Ahlawat.


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