Voice Control Home Automation

There are many types of Home Automation Systems like Bluetooth Controlled, Internet Controlled, RF Controlled, Remote Controlled (IR Remote) etc. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this project, we have designed a Voice Activated Home Automation system, where different appliances are controlled by sending a Voice Command.

The Voice Activated Home Automation project is implemented using Arduino UNO, Bluetooth and a smart phone.

In this project, a simple Voice Activated Home Automation system isdesigned. Voice commands are used to control different appliances.

Pneumatic Crane

A crane is a mechanism which is commonly used to elevate goods or materials, and is therefore referred to as a lifting mechanism usually equipped with chains or wire ropes, a winder (also called a wire rope drum), and sheaves. A crane is used to carry materials both vertically and horizontally. One or more simple machines are utilized by the crane for creating mechanical advantage and thus, loads which are over the individual capacity or capability will be moved without any problem.

Regenerative brakes




The project is designed to give an idea about how metro works and the technology used behind the driver less metro. Trains are equipped with the programmed controller which control the train accordingly. The train is programmed for the specific path,  stoppage timing of the train and distance between the two stations is predefined.

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