UC 3842 IC


SAA1042 Stepper Motor Driver

The SAA1042 drives a two–phase stepper motor in the bipolar mode. The device contains three input stages, a logic section and two output stages. The IC is contained in a 16 pin dual–in–line heat tab plastic package for improved heatsinking capability. The center four ground pins are connected to the copper alloy heat tab and improve thermal conduction from the die to the circuit board. 

seven segment

This post is about to interface a seven segment LED display to an 8051 microcontroller. Seven segment LED display is very popular and it’s just 7 LEDs that have been combined into one case to make a convenient device for displaying numbers and some letters. Knowledge about how to interface a seven segment display to a microcontroller is very helpful in designing embedded systems.

Introduction to Embedded System

Embedded system is a combination of software and hardware designed for specific task. Any device that can include a computer but itself not a general purpose computer can be categorized as embedded system.

Getting started with keil

new to keil then surely you have many doubts rounding in your mind

steps to all your queries are here.......

Step 1.Install the uVision Keil

Step 2. Open the micro vision kiel


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