Basic Electronics Questions

Basic Introduction Questions

1. What is an ideal voltage  source?

Answer:  Ideal voltage source is defined as the energy source which gives constant voltage across its terminals irrespective of the current drawn through its terminals.



An amplifier is a device that increase the voltage, current or power of an input signal with the aid of transistor by furnishing the additional power from a separate dc source.

Get Assembly code from C using Keil

Convert C code to Assembly using Keil 

Step 1: Save your file with "file_name.C"  (dot c) extension.

Step 2: Build file >> Debug option >> Start/stop debug session

Threaded Fastener


threaded fastener is a discrete piece of hardware that has internal or external screw threads. They are usually used for the assembly of multiple parts and facilitate disassembly.

Cutter Radius Offset

The contour of a part - also known as a profile - is normally programmed for milling applications by establishing the depth in the Z axis first, then moving the cutting tool individually along the X axis, Y axis, or both axes simultaneously. For turning applications, either the X axis or the Z axis, or both axes can be used to face, turn or bore a contour. For both types of machining, each contour element contour requires one block of nutting motion.


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