Dot matrix display

a dot matrix leds are arranged in definite format thus forming a matrix structure. you can make use it in producing any kind of symbol thus avoiding the limited use of seven segment.these display are available in many dimension, we'll study the structure of 5x7 dot matrix in this tutorial.




arrangement type

1>row anode-column cathode

2>row cathode-column anode.


in row anode-column cathode row served as anode while column is treated as cathode and vice -versa pattern in row cathode-column anode.

their are multiple leds that are connected in the row and column just like 'matrix'. Assuming 8X8 as shown in the image below matrix then the anodes of 8 leds are are represented by row(1 to 8).Similarly the cathodes of 8 leds are represented by col(1 to 8).to glow a particular led in dot matrix display just make row(anode) of that row high and corresponding column(cathode) to that led low. 


lets do it through programming click here



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